BIRM® Products

Viva Conditioner®

BIRM® Products

Viva Conditioner®

With the same active ingredients as BIRM, VIVA Conditioner untangles hair, facilitating styling, leaving it soft, shiny and silky throughout the day. For optimal results, use it daily with Viva Shampoo.

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Daily dose

2 capsules per day

How to take

Take 1 capsule every 12 hours, accompany with meals


Kalanchoe: 40mg

Maltodextrin, roots, stems and pulverized leaves of Kalanchoe (Kalanchoe Gastotonis – Bonnieri) and gelatin (capsule).

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BIRM® Preventive

BIRM CAPSULES, with the same formula as BIRM, now also in capsules, so that your immune system is powerfully balanced. Due to its powerful antioxidant power, it prevents premature aging. It is non-toxic and does not contain sugar.

$ 55

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BIRM® Preventive capsule bottle - powerful antioxidant supplement for immune system regulation.

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