Dr. Edwin Cevallos gave a presentation at the UN General Assembly

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Dr. Edwin Cevallos gave a presentation at the UN General Assembly

Dr. Edwin Cevallos, an eminent medical oncologist, expert in chemoradiotherapy, scientist and researcher of national and international renown, gave a lecture on September 18 at the United Nations General Assembly. The event took place during High Level Week and was organized by the prestigious Artemis Aspire Foundation. The speech focused on Covid-19 and the strength of the human immune system, topics of great relevance in the current context.

The event took place at the Microsoft office in Times Square, specifically in the “Radio City, 6604” room. The Aspire Artemis Foundation was honored to host this remarkable occasion, which focused on the lasting impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resilience of the human immune system.

The United Nations General Assembly served as a critical platform to address critical global issues. Dr. Cevallos’ speech on Covid-19 and the strength of the immune system reflected the continued importance of pandemic-related issues around the world.



Dr. Cevallos’ experience in the field of immunology and his contributions to the understanding of the human immune system make him a magnificent speaker, his research of more than 50 years has shed light on the mechanisms of the immune system and its response to diseases infectious.

Dr. Cevallos’ speech outlined several key topics, such as the inflammation caused by Covid-19, its impact on the aging of affected organs, and the importance of the immune system.

Following Dr. Cevallos‘ speech, Grammy-winning South African singer Bakithi Kumalo performed alongside children from local music shows. Kumalo shared his experience in using music for mental well-being.

Additionally, they discussed the Aspire Artemis Foundation and its commitment to developing underserved communities through educational programs and mentoring opportunities. Its focus on education, mentoring and internship opportunities for young innovators around the world was highlighted, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Finally, Dr. Cevallos’s conference was a success, it was possible to observe the great experience and knowledge acquired during his professional career, being also the creator of BIRM, the first immunomodulator of natural origin, a proudly Ecuadorian product of international recognition.

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