BIRM® product range

Birm Preventive capsule bottle - A powerful antioxidant food supplement for immune system regulation.

BIRM CAPSULES, with the same formula of BIRM®, now also in capsules, so that your Immune System is powerfully balanced.

Due to its powerful antioxidant power, it prevents premature aging. It is non-toxic and sugar-free.

$ 55 

BIRM CONCENTRATED CAPSULES, with the same formula of BIRM CONCENTRATE, now also in capsules. This highly concentrated formula of BIRM is especially indicated as an adjuvant in the treatment of different conditions.

$ 160

Birm Concentrated capsule bottle - Food supplement especially indicated as an adjuvant in the treatment of diseases.

HH relieves symptoms caused by inflammatory conditions. The right combination of vitamins, minerals and trace elements with enzymes and nutrients aid in dissolving acute and chronic inflammation at the site of pain, helping to neutralize it.

This combination has been shown to facilitate patients’ recovery of arthritis, arthrosis (osteoarthritis) and degeneration of the joints, without any side effects.

$ 39.97

NACE promotes the regeneration of skin cells and actively contributes to slow premature aging. It hydrates and intensively regenerates the skin.

It is a powerful antioxidant that prevents the formation of free radicals, the main cause of oxidation and aging, allowing the skin to acquire life and shine.

$ 23

With the same active ingredients as BIRM, VIVA Conditioner untangles hair, facilitating styling, leaving it soft, shiny and silky throughout the day. For optimal results, use it daily with Viva Shampoo.

$ 17

With the same principles as BIRM, VIVA Shampoo protects, revitalizes hair naturally with excellent results. Its frequent use does not damage hair and shows results in brightness and silkiness after a few weeks of use. In addition, it has been shown to control premature hair loss, dandruff, and seborrhea.

$ 17

Imagen de píldoras o cápsulas de BIRM K, complemento alimenticio inmunomodulador elaborado con ingredientes 100% naturales
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